Episode 3: Writing Memoirs with Tammy Ball

I don’t know if you knew this yet, but Métis families do things together. Believe me. If there is a family upset two provinces away, you better believe we will hop into the car and make the 15+ hour trip to make sure they’re okay. Same thing goes for podcasting! That being said, there was no better person to include in our interviews than my Mom: Tammy Ball.

This episode marks a personal journey between my Mom and I. As you will hear in the interview, she has a lot of stories to tell. Many of these stories I haven’t heard until these last few years. It’s been an incredible experience reading through them as it has given me a lot of insight into her history and how it has affected how she raised my sister and I.

Without spoiling the book, these stories range from Métis cultural practices to intergenerational trauma. All are brilliantly intertwined with Tammy’s unique voice, which is marked by sassy and serious moments. Call me biased, but I can’t wait for this one to be published!

Ps. If you hear growling in the audio, you might be hearing my fur sisters (pictured below).

Our extra guests (left to right): Maddy, Little Bit, and Roxy

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